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Used Tires

If you find yourself in need of replacement tires but you think that brand new tires might not be in your budget, why not consider a set of used tires? We have a great selection of used tires for sale for all of our customers in Austin, TX, surrounding areas. When searching for a tire shop that sells used tires, look no further than Leal’s Tire Shop. Call for quotes & availability. We have lots in stock, including hard to find sizes.

Are Used Tires Right For You?

Used tires are ideal if you’re planning to trade in your car soon, or if one tire is damaged and you want it to match the wear on your other tires. Used tires are also more cost efficient.

We have a wide selection of used tires for sale in many sizes and types, including:

  • Passenger Tires
  • Truck Tires
  • All-Season Tires
  • All Terrain Tires
  • And more!

Are Used Tires Reliable?

Every tire is inspected closely to guarantee exceptional performance standards. Our educated staff will take the guesswork and worry out of buying used tires and will leave you confident that you’ve made the right choice. We have the best used tires in the area, and we guarantee your tires will perform just as well as a new set.

If you’re looking for a great used tire from a name you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff will help you find the perfect set of used tires from our large inventory.

Tire Repair

You’re driving along, minding your business. And suddenly — you hit something in the road. Whether it’s a tree branch, a rock or a nail, the tire damage is done. And time is critical. Whether your tire needs to be patched, plugged, or replaced, Leal’s Tire Shop is here to fix any tire damage.

Why get tire damaged fixed fast? If you hit something on the road, it can have a ripple effect throughout your vehicle. A flat tire can be more than inconvenient. It can lead to even more tire repairs (and additional costs).

Let our tire repair professionals take a look. If something doesn’t feel right to you, chances are there may be a problem. Save yourself expensive repairs down the road with a timely inspection at Leal’s Tire Shop. We’ll assess any potential problems caused by tire damage. In many cases, it’s just a simple fix.

Head to your nearest tire repair shop if you see these signs:

Bulging tire sidewalls: Hitting a tree branch or something large can cause the sidewalls on your tires to bulge. If not addressed right away, costly tire repairs could be around the corner.
Bent tire rims: Most new cars have aluminum rims. If struck by a large object in the road, they may be more susceptible to bending.
Leaks under your car: If you drive over an obstruction in the road and see that fluid is leaking, be sure to bring your vehicle in for a complete inspection. We’ll take a look underneath and get to the root of the problem. Noise from your exhaust system: You hit something and now you hear noises coming from your exhaust system. This definitely requires a visit — stop by Leal’s Tire Shop ASAP!

Minor misalignment, damaged steering or suspension can be difficult to catch, which is why it helps to have someone assess and test the level of tire damage. These tests can provide peace of mind and help you avoid costly automotive and tire repairs down the road.

Our team at Leal’s Tire Shop is highly skilled at automotive maintenance, vehicle repairs and tire replacements. We’ll take a look and assess the tire damage, as well as the impact it could have on your vehicle.

If you hit debris in the road, be on the safe side — bring your vehicle to your nearest Leal’s Tire Shop for a complete inspection, tire patch, tire plug, or flat tire repair. A little time now spent addressing tire damage could save you time and money later. Schedule an appointment online at a time that’s convenient for you!

Tire Balancing

Have you ever felt a weird vibration coming from your steering wheel when you’re cruising along the highway or your car shaking when you pick up speed? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that your tires are wearing out faster than usual. If so, you may be seeing the results of imbalanced wheels, which could make for a rough ride and can have some dangerous and expensive side effects.

While it is possible to balance your wheels yourself, it is much more efficient and precise to take your car  to a shop with professional equipment and machinery. Here, we will remove the wheels from your car. One-by-one, they will fix them securely to a wheel balancing machine that spins rapidly to gauge where the imbalances are in the wheel. Once the machine is able to read where the weight needs to be distributed, We will then replace the weights on the inside of the wheel and repeat the process for the remaining wheels to be balanced.

It’s important to note that imbalanced wheels may not be the only cause to the shaking or vibrating felt in your car while driving. Bent wheels and uneven tread wear can also make for a bumpy ride, and for these issues, you may need new tires altogether.

Check with with us before purchasing wheel balancing services, just to make sure that wheel balancing is what you need. We recommend that you get it done roughly every 5,000 miles, but this estimate could vary depending on how frequently you drive and the conditions that
you are driving in.